Blogtober (#4) | What's Coming to BOTM YA in October + What I Recommend

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Day four of Blogtober. Today, I am all about the BOTM YA hype. Yes, again. Because, well, how could I not be? I'm mildly obsessed with this subscription box and I'm not just saying that because I'm an affiliate. I genuinely adore it.

One of the coolest part about being a BOTM YA affiliate is representing the subscription box and getting to share its magic with readers. Joining BOTM is a deal in its own right--a newly released hardcover for $14.99? Come on. The discount is enough to have sold me a while back. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good deal.

Even better deal? New members get a discount with the code PSL5 if you join in October.

You can join here using my referral/affiliate link. (Disclaimer: I can earn a little commission for every new enrollment, which would be super helpful to me financially given how bad this year has been for me and my family.)

If you were impressed with September's bookish selection, you're going to be just as excited about October's! I had a hard time deciding between books again. Which seems to be a theme. Two of this month's picks are two of my most anticipated reads of the year and one of this month's picks is a book I recently read in ARC form and adored. (Thankful that we can have add-ons into each box for $9.99 per book. LISTEN. $9.99? Newly released? Hardcover? I needed that, for sure, this month!)

By the Books 
or Buy the Books! 
You guys likely already saw my raving review for Camryn Garrett's Full Disclosure. (I'm still a bit hearts-in-eyes over it. It was pretty much YA contemporary perfection and so, so, so wonderful.) And know that I'm DEFINITELY going to be flailing about over it for a while for obvious reasons--it is one of those books that feels like it should be necessary reading. This is why it is my number one recommendation this month for everyone.

If you like poignant coming of age stories and exploration of serious topics, Full Disclosure is 100% your brand. I'll keep my summary simple: it is about an HIV+ teenager and it is one of the most beautiful releases of 2019.

This book may be an add-on at a later date for my BOTM YA subscription. I know, I know. You may be wondering why I'm recommending it but not picking it as my October selection--I still am getting it at some point, I just wanted to pick something I hadn't read yet!

The Beautiful was my October selection! Which, uh, turns out, I'm still (possibly) vampire trash! Honestly, I blame it on the fact that I recently reread all of Vampire Academy, most of Bloodlines, in the spring, and am in the process of rereading House of Night. So I'm feeling exceptionally sucky and nostalgic and, well, here we are.

Plus! I've always wanted to read something by Ahdieh. I've heard nothing but good things about her The Wrath and the Dawn duology. It felt like a sign that I needed to pick up The Beautiful this month. Like, immediately. I have a really good feeling about this one and I'm fairly certain that I'm going to stan the heckity heck out of her.

Rainbow Rowell's problematic past aside, I really loved Fangirl and Carry On. When I heard that she was coming out with a sequel to Carry On, I may have cried a little. I'm nothing if not consistently cringy and dramatically emotional. Wayward Son has been on my most anticipated list all year long and I've probably shouted about it at you no less than thirty-six times.

And I DEFINITELY would have made this my October pick... if I hadn't already ordered a copy elsewhere. Sometimes this happens with BOTM! If you buy books fairly frequently, you'll likely have a month or two where you've already bought one of the books. It's fine. It just means you have good taste and so does BOTM.

Lastly we have Fireborne and The Fountains of Silence. I don't know much about either of these titles (hey, there's only so much information my tiny little brain can hold onto!) BUT I do know that Ruta Sepetys is a gift to the literary world so The Fountains of Silence is sure to be beautifully crafted and written. AND then Fireborne is described as a cross between Game of Thrones and Red Rising. Which is A++++++++ 10/10 SIGN ME UP.

Do you subscribe to BOTM/BOTM YA? 
If so, what was your selection this month?
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