Blogtober (#2) | October 2019 Book Releases

8:00 AM

Day two of Blogtober! Do we think I'll make it through posting once a day, all month? THE JURY IS STILL OUT. Until then, let's talk October 2019 releases and what's catching our eyes. Spoiler alert: October 2019 continues the trend of SO many intriguing publications. I'm overwhelmed!

Is it just me, or are there so many good books headed our way? Ah! I keep finding myself saying things like, "[insert month] is the BEST book publication of month of 2019." Because we're genuinely on a roll this year. The publishing industry is out for me wallet.

No joke, I've said it for nearly every freaking month so far this year: THIS MONTH IS BRILLIANT. And just like that, as if it were trying to prove me wrong, the following month is JUST AS GOOD if not better. October continues with the gift of lit, and here we are!

Let's break down the upcoming releases I'm most excited for.
*Means I've already had the pleasure of reading, but am still celebrating its release!

What October releases are you looking forward to?
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