Enchanting, Romantic and Dreamy | Review: Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me by Julie Wright

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Did someone say a modern, Cinderella retelling? About an author? UM, yes, hello, I'm sold. Sign me up.


Can the fairy tale bring Charlotte the happiness she’s looking for, or was he always there to begin with?

A modern, reimagined Cinderella story.

When aspiring author Charlotte Kingsley finally gets published, she thinks all her dreams have come true. But the trouble begins when her publicity firm reinvents her quirky online presence into a perfectly curated dream life. Gone are the days of sweatpant posts and ice cream binges with her best friend, Anders, replaced instead with beautiful clothes, orchestrated selfies, and no boyfriend. Only, that carefully curated fairy tale life is ruining her self-esteem and making her feel like a fraud.

When a bestselling author takes Charlotte under her wing—almost like a fairy godmother—she helps Charlotte see the beautiful person she already is and the worth of being authentic. But is it too late to save her relationship with Anders? The clock is quickly ticking towards midnight, and Charlotte must decide between her fairy tale life and the man she loves, before he's gone forever.


Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me by Julie Wright
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.5)
As always, a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinion in any way.

Cinderella retellings can be tricky. It's one of the most common ones when it comes to reimagined classics, due to its universal appeal and the tropes so many love: rags to riches/the underdog. And because of this, they can seem tedious and completely overdone.

After a certain point, people start to ask themselves: haven't we seen this before? You wonder, what else is there to say? Is there anything else to say? Well, of course, the answer is simple: yes, there is. And it's all in the charming prose that is Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me. Proof that even the most familiar stories can become new again is in the life Julie Wright breathes into these characters.

Not only does it prove to be a beautiful and sweet love story, it has the basis of something that is more than just your average retelling. With likable and well developed characters, a romance that will leave you smitten, and a fresh spin on the classic tale, with dashes of unexpectedness thrown in for good measure, what else could you ask for?

Something about the novel feels like fate and it's a blast from start to finish. I knew right away that I was going to like it and connected with Charlotte ("Lettie"), our main character, straightaway. Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me offers a great look into the question of our online persona, which is an absolutely relevant topic in the era we're living. Truly, it is a modern Cinderella story in all ways--which never fails to delight.

Further, in the case of Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me, as far as retellings go, it soars where others simply fall. Julie Wright takes the reins of this classic fairy-tale and spins it into something quirky, modern, occasionally angsty and always lively. Not only is it humorous and romantic, it is incredibly enchanting.

If you love to root for happily ever afters, this book is a definite must-read for you.

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