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Do you guys ever get overwhelmed by how many cool, bookish things are available to us nowadays? From amazing subscription boxes, to added goodies, fan made and officially merchandised, we're truly living in a great era of fandom life.

So many great artists to support, so little time. There's a part of me that almost resents having so much at our fingertips, if only because I cannot afford it and I'm totally materialistic and want it all. No worries, all I ever wanted was the world. Duh. In all sincerity, I'm constantly in awe over the talent found within our community--you guys truly are a gem and I love you for it.

When I started Booked J, I never really expected there to be a future of really fantastic bookish merchandise and subscription boxes. If you had told me that, years from then, there would be delicious literary themed teas or gorgeously scented candles, I probably wouldn't have believed you. There's always been a world of creativity in fandom, but it feels like modern fandom is truly booming with new content, art, merch and such. It's never-ending and I'm absolutely here for it.

Which is why I wanted to spotlight some of the products that I've been eying recently.

First of all, she shares the same name with my BFF so obviously I am already fond of her. Second of all, LOOK AT THE VARIETY THAT IS HER SHOP. I've been itching to try so many of her literary themed teas and candles since I first spotted her account on Etsy. Which, strangely, okay, fine, was only last month BUT, it's fine. I've added so much of her products to my holiday wish-list. I mean, can you blame me? I want a Mrs. Weasley's Christmas Jumper candle! And Christmas at Hogwarts tea! OH, AND DID I MENTION? There's even a Gilmore Girls themed candle? And bookmarks.

 The Forrest Witch on Etsy 
Okay so I seem to have an eye on every literary tea maker imaginable? Honestly, can you blame me? Think about it. I love literature. I drink like four things (water, coffee, tea and wine) and that's it. No joke. Naturally, I'm making grabby hands at literary inspired teas. Who wouldn't? I swear, I have half of The Forrest Witch's shop on my wish list at this point. Would it be weird to ask for pretty much only teas this year for the holidays? C'mon, Christmas, hurry!

More tea? Pretend to be shocked for a minute. Not that shocked, relax. Drama Queens and Kings, I swear. Listen up! I HAVE GOOD REASONS. Those reasons are I love tea. That's all. Look at me, spilling the tea. ALSO, they have COFFEES. Which, as you know, coffee is my true love. My ride or die. If I didn't have to drink water, I'd probably survive on coffee more than anything. I want to try everything from them. Especially the coffees. As you can tell, this shop is THE CUTEST and also is Harry Potter themed. And I leave you with this: am I nothing, if not consistent trash for Harry Potter?

Beginning to think I should have named this list "Bookish Tea I Want to Drink in One Sitting" or something? I mean? WOW? But hear me out! This one, guys! THIS. ONE! Literary Tea Company may be my favourite. They have EVERYTHING (everything!) imaginable when it comes to literary inspiration and I'm blown away. I need it all. I'm making grabby hands again.

 Fable and Black on Etsy 
Look, mom! I'm talking about something that isn't tea! And I am obsessed. This entire shop is my aesthetic. We've got stationery, enamel pins, enamel keyrings, enamel necklaces, bookmarks, badges, prints, stickers and more. No joke, I'm mildly obsessed. I'm ready to buy them out, basically, because there is SO much I am keen on.

 Fictional Boutique on Etsy 
Who doesn't love candles? Okay, okay, fine, there are some people who don't or are allergic. I totally get it. I'm allergic to like 98% of flowers. Part of me finding out about Fictional Boutique was me searching for literary candles. They have so much more than that, which is fantastic! Including bookmarks, pencil cases, book sleeves and more. Their designs are so cute and colourful. I'm in love.

 Salty and Lit on Etsy 
I am IN LOVE with their mugs and bookmarks and candles. I'm just so intrigued?? I found that little Mad Hatter mug and I KNEW I had to look at their shop. And of course it's just as gorgeous and creative as I thought it'd be. They've got a little of everything and all of their products are the perfect gifts for literary lovers of all ages.

 Gillywick Goods on Etsy 
Gillywick Goods is one of my favourite Etsy shops. What a talented shop owner. (Plus, her bio for the shop is so beautifully written--you can tell all of these people are readers, but Gillywick Goods' about me section is further proof. I know, I'm raving about a bio, but, honestly? I dig it.) My wish list has items from every shop listed on it, but Gillywick Goods dominates it.

 Fabric Bound on Etsy 
I honestly just got into the idea of book sleeves. Did I not know they existed? Yes and no. I kind of only saw them in a flicker way. I've come across quite a few shops that I like, which specialize in book sleeves (custom and standard) but there are a lot on Fabric Bound that have caught my eyes! And got me all the more keen to get one.

What are some of your favourite bookish items/shops? 
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