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There are so many types of supernatural/paranormal creatures out there in literature. We, as readers, have always had so many varying interests in creatures of myth and wonder.

As the world grows, so does our imaginations and ability to access various forms of mythology. From literature, to television, to films, we've seen many types of creatures through the years.

And as someone who loves seeing different types of extraordinary and (sometimes) unexplained beings, thanks The X-Files, I often think of what creatures we've seen explored and what I wish more forms of fiction did explore. There's so much potential open to writers when it comes to exploring mythology; making their own, borrowing elements from others, etc. I mean, come on. It's rich with storytelling potential.

Here are my personal favourite mythological creatures and some examples of fictional, literary based works surrounding them. Some of these titles are on my TBR, but many of them are ones that I've finished. I'm also skipping witches and wizards, mostly because I talk about it enough! (And, we all know I'm total trash for magical themed books.)

Genies ("Jinn", "Djinn") 
Genies aren't explored terribly often in books that I've read through the years. I find that a lot of the time, they are vastly underrated in modern literature, which surprises me. No matter where you look, there aren't that many that center around this magical based being. There are so many things that can be learned from stories that surround them!

The past few years, YA and NA has seen a boom in the genre when it comes to faeries. Mostly in YA. The stabbier the better. (Yes. Stabbier. I just said stabbier.) As you likely know, they are one of my favourites to read about. Mostly because I love the beauty that twists.

Although mermaids have always been one of my favourites in terms of mythology, I find that I've read so few! I definitely need to change that.

Ah, yes. Remember that time where there was a specific era in YA that was pretty much 98% vampire based? I couldn't not mention them. What with my reread of Vampire Academy, Bloodlines and House of Night, as well as the recent release of The Beautiful?

I don't always like zombie stories, just because they can get tediously similar and I am easily bored. I loved Afterlife with Archie, The Walking Dead (not so much anymore), Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, so that gives you a decent idea of what kind of zombie centered works I dig.


!!!! I've not read a lot of books that are based upon angels. They aren't typically my cup of tea. It's a curious topic that can venture into something too biblical, too cheesy or too nonsensical for me. (I'm looking at you, Fallen.) They are still worth mentioning, though! Because when done right, it's definitely good. 

To be honest, I am new to shapeshifters and the way the mythology curves itself into the story telling. But, I am really enjoying what I've read so far!

Do you like stories infused with mythological creatures?
If so, what are your favourites?
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