Blogtober (#1) | October TBR

7:30 AM

I missed out on doing #BLOGTOBER for the last few years and really wanted to give it a go in 2019! I considered making my own prompts for this year but realized I wasn't feeling the creativity just yet. My brain did that precious thing where it hung up its 'gone fishing' sign again and I haven't been able to get in touch with it since. So, instead, I am going to be working with the post ideas that were up on Jenniely last year! I'll possibly change a few as I go but for the most part I am using this as my base!

Since I already posted my autumn TBR for a Top Ten Tuesday prompt, I'm going to be picking out some different options for my ambitious October TBR. Just to, you know, shake things up a little bit. I'm going through a bit of a mood in my reading where I want to dive into something creepy. Obviously, the blame is placed entirely on the fact that it's October. Aka, LET'S GET SPOOKY month. (Is that not a thing?) I know a lot of my followers are mood readers, so my question of the day is: do you tend to read more creepy stories as the temper drops, or do you prefer to hold onto the warm weather and indulgent in something sweet?

October TBR 
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