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city love City Love by Susane Colasanti | Rating: ★★★★☆ (4.5)

"...the present will become powerful enough to erase the past."

GUYS! Guys, guys, guys! I have news! Incredible news just in time for the warmer weather.

You know that perfectly engaging, girl power infused, lovely and overall quotable contemporary romance novel you've been waiting for? It's here! Or, well, will be on April 21st. But what makes it that way? Aside from the super adorable, warm fuzzies inducing promotion that's been going on for it, City Love is filled with characters you will connect to, fall in love with and just want to protect. I honestly would love to be friends with our three leading ladies. And who wouldn't want to be? The positive vibes and girl power that brings the three of them together is strong.

Pair that with budding romance and friendships, set in New York City in the summertime, I don't need to tell you just how fun this novel is. You already know. It's completely adorable and was an absolute delight to read. You know those fluffy novels you can relax with and don't want to move until you are finished? That's exactly what City Love is. I could not put it down. And let me just start by saying this: I cannot wait for the remaining books in this trilogy -- seriously, can I have them now or?

It ended way sooner than I wanted it to; then again I could probably read dozens of books about these characters. I needed more as soon as I finished, let's talk about that cliffhanger. Swoons. I fell hard and fast for each girl, for each love interest, and you will too.

I have to say, City Love is my jam. I've got a bit of a book hangover, honestly, and I am so pumped to see what is next in the life of our fabulous girls Sadie, Darcy and Rosanna. Although the girls have only just recently met, their friendship is something special and I can see it growing even more as time goes by. They say university is where you meet lifelong friends, and I can definitely see this with these three. Romance is heavy and high in this lovely novel, but their friendship and all that girl power is what sets the tone for City Love.

Love is the main theme of City Love. Love of a city, love of love, love of friendships and family. It reminds some of us what it's like to fall in love for the first time and Susane expresses these emotions beautifully. It reminded me what it was like to fall in love with cities and places I'd been dreaming of, the feeling of sparks and epicness. That scary and beautiful feeling that happens when you're living in a major city and are on your own for the first time. Freedom. It's that feeling of butterflies and utter excitement. Mostly importantly, it reminds us that many things are possible -- especially in New York City.

Susane paints a picture of New York City so vivid and real that it makes me miss it more than anything. You almost forget that you aren't actually in the city, having fun summertime boy adventures with this trio of roommates. She's able to capture the magical side of it all and brings it to life in a way that will engage readers and have them begging for more. Susane Colasanti, you are a gift to contemporary romance.

Onto the girls and their romances, without spoilers. Our story is told in three different point of views and we see a very different narration from both of them that doesn't get too confusing. Each girl has a unique view of the city and different romances to boot. You'll find yourself in each girl, whether that be the free spirited Darcy, the loveable Sadie or the slightly reserved Rosanna, it's not going to be difficult to relate to any of them. They each come with baggage of their own, like any human, and tell us their stories in pieces before the end of the book. You may have your favorite (mine was Sadie) but I promise you, you will love each of the ladies in different ways.

We learn a lot about each girl; what they may or may not want, what the city and the summer means to them, who they are looking for. We see right away that all three want to have a summer worth remembering. Their pasts are told in slivers in their narration that I hope to be explored in the other books, and they have their fair share of things they want to escape/forget. It isn't always easy. But overall, you do get to see each of the girls in a good state of mind for much of the novel -- there is quite a bit that hits the fan before the last pages that leave you questioning what happens next, but the entire tone of City Love is fluffy and light and a truly sweet treat.

Reading City Love was like the moment I stepped off a bus and found myself looking up at New York City. Beautiful, intimidating, filled with love and hope and countless other emotions. It was like reliving the time I met my best friend, the time I met my first love. It was warm and familiar but still all new. I loved every moment of it.

This spring or summer, treat yourself to a copy of City Love. Spread the love and leave warm fuzzies for strangers to find. Explore. Fall in love. Put on your cutest outfit, step into the sunshine and take on the world. Who knows what you'll find! Afterall...

Look up. Anything is possible.

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