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saint anything sneak peak I recently had the luck to read a sneak peek of Sarah Dessen's latest novel, Saint Anything. While this was only a sneak peek of what is to come in the story, it is still something so intriguing. My attention was captured instantly, an effect that her books usually have on me to begin with.

Right now, anyone on NetGalley can read the first few chapters of this hotly anticipated novel -- and I must say... wow. Just wow. If I could read the book right now, I would. In fact, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to wait! Saint Anything is going to be another hit brought to us by Sarah Dessen. And what else could one expect? Dessen is a fantastic author and has a true gift of writing novels which make you feel everything.

Even within the first few chapters we get a glimpse into what she has planned for the story; the voice of our narrator is strong and warm and very real. You get the feel of all the changes that are to come for the family. We are introduced instantly to the struggles she and her family are drowning in due to a series of mistakes her brother has made; digging himself into a deeper hole and bringing his family with him in one way or another.


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