Review: The Eternity Elixir (Potion Masters, #1) by Frank L. Cole

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The Eternity Elixir by Frank L. Cole | ★★★★☆ (4.5)

A copy of this novel was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my thoughts in any way.

A truly fun middle grade read and the perfect start to a brand new trilogy. The Eternity Elixir is for more than just its target audience--it's fun for all ages; sprinkled with charming characters, delightful humor that's smartly woven into a high-stakes plot. Armed with a fascinating premise and a whole new world of Potion Masters (the crew at B.R.E.W. and most of main character Gordy's family are Elixirists) the story is impossible to put down.

From an essence of magic and science, to family (I love the Stitser family) and friendship (meet your new favourite trio: Gordy, Max and Adeline!) development, to the utter normalcy that other plot points bring into the story, and then straight to the tremendous significance the villains play into the story's central arch, The Eternity Elixir masters the art of storytelling. It has a little of everything, solidifying its versatility and appeal to its audience.

To put it simply? You should be reading this deeply imaginative gem of a story. 

Cole has an undeniable amount of spark, mystery and thrills to his imagination. When he writes, you are compelled to continue reading. I found it impossible to put the book down because I was so drawn into it. An author's job is not finished if those consuming their work are not brought wholly into the story, but The Eternity Elixir is so fast paced and vivid, it's impossible to not feel like you are right there with Gordy.

I found that the humor was quite fun when mingling with the otherwise series and scientific moments within The Eternity Elixir. Something about its dry, subtle tone felt like it would be the perfect fit for fans of Alexandra Bracken's The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding. Beyond the similar sense of humor and balancing act, Cole crafts an incredibly vivid and unique tale that is unlike anything I've read in recent memory.

Overall, this was by far one of the most enjoyable books of the year and is can't miss! It sets the stage perfectly for future installments (especially after the final pages!) and I can't wait to see what else is brought forward in its sequels. Cole has a way with words and I'm completely hooked. I can't wait to see what happens next.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a reader of any age, I highly recommend The Eternity Elixir. If I haven't sold you yet, here are some more things to note about the novel:

  • An easy to read guide at the back of the novel to help out with any head scratching/confusion over various words in the book. The Glossary of Potions is here to help. And make you feel like you are learning the art of potion making right alongside Gordy.
  • The friendship between Gordy, Max and Adeline is just so cute. They're each in that "YOU ARE A CUPCAKE AND I MUST PROTECT YOU!" category and it's impossible not to root for them. I haven't been this smitten by a trio of friends since Harry, Ron and Hermione. Yeah, I went THERE. 
  • When I said the family dynamics are fascinating, I meant it. I want to know EVERYTHING about Wanda, Priscilla and Mezzarix. I want to know what other tricks Mezzarix has up his sleeves, given his past and the general sketchiness of his entire being. Plus, I need more info on how he made Doll--who is an incredibly creepy but cool creation of his. I won't spoil it. I want to know why Priscilla confided in the wrong person, why they are all so distant but together. UGH, there's just something super intriguing about that dynamic.
  • On a similar note, I liked Gordy's dad, Gordon. He was very light and minimal, despite having a pretty big part throughout the novel, but there's just something gentle and soft about him that I am LOVING. And want to see more of! 
  • THE VILLAINS. They are just... classic villains. A classic villainess and her crew. I dig it, because I love seeing the archetype that Esmeralda represents. She's timelessly evil and it's highly entertaining, and a little frightening. She's the perfect potential foe for the characters because she is just as smart as they are and her ambition is so high, it's almost admirable. 
  • The entire prospect of magic in science, as in potion making. We have a lot of magic that isn't explored enough in fiction and the science in The Eternity Elixir makes it standout in the genre. Because it's magical, but it's also got that hit of reality to it that makes a coherent tie between a secretive world and the world that we all know. 
Basically, if you aren't reading, or at least buying The Eternity Elixir right now, you're missing out on something special. This is THE BEST Middle Grade release of 2018.

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