Review: Perfect Together by Christine L'Amour

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Perfect Together by Christine L'Amour |  Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.8 stars)

If you've been looking for more WLW friendly love stories, this is for you. Perfect Together is sweet and sexy; tied up beautifully with an easy-going pace and likable characters. Fair warning: it's a relatively short read, easy to read in one or two sittings. But, it is one that will surely warm you up from head to toe.

L'Amour takes on the ever-popular trope of a next-door neighbor lending a helping hand in more ways than one, sprinkling it into her story effortlessly and making it into something of her own. While there are many familiar tropes and tones to Perfect Together (be real: all romance novels share them) it never feels like it's trying to emulate another story. It's refreshing and sweet, and oh-so steamy in the end.

This was one of my favourite romance novels of the year, because it was so soft and sweet one minute but then it hit its stride and felt very much so like something far steamier. L'Amour balanced these qualities together with grace and made sure that the story wasn't any one thing: it was just about love blossoming at an unexpected time in two lives.

There were a lot of things I wish had been developed more--perhaps, in an extended version of the story or even in a sequel someday soon--such as the family relationships of both main characters, their new lives as a couple, their friends, the setting, etc. I found that these little moments to be of many things: intriguing, heartbreaking, heartwarming. They added an extra depth to the story that a lot of romance novels lack. L'Amour stands out from her peers because of this, and I can't wait to see where she goes next. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed Perfect Together and applaud its light, but still serious, tone, there were some moments that I didn't actively enjoy as much as the rest. There was an almost rushed quality to the story which suited it by the end, but at times felt a little off-putting for development purposes. Further, I was a little confused about the characters' relationship and the fact that they referred to each other as girlfriends, without knowing each others last names? This, of course, is more of a personal preference than anything. At the end of the day, any of the flaws of Perfect Together were minor and not of any real consequence.

What's most important about Perfect Together, is that Kat and Lily are total OTP goals. They are the WLW romance novel you've been looking for--armed with warm and fuzzy feelings, heat for the winter, and a much-deserved happily ever after that will leave you with all the feels.

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